The combination of Photoshop and Webbsy Software allows beginners to design beautiful websites without the use of code.

Webbsy has automated the coding process and Photoshop simplifies design on a daily basis. Design your first page during a 30 day free trial offered by photoshop (89.99 after) and export your design using Webbsy (49.99)

Purchase your domain and add hosting to upload your website on to the internet. Hosting Packages at StartingSites start at 3.99 a month.

Why You Should Join StartingSites

StartingSites is dedicated to making its customers self sufficient Internet Masters.

I taught myself how to code 10 years ago and launched this websites 5 years after. I launched StartingSites to demonstrate and document how simple and cost saving creating your own website could be.

Over the past 5 years I have witnessed technology evolve at unbelievable pace. The Open Source coding market has become the most sophisticated community on earth.

When people ask me how to make money, my answer is the internet and websites are what has made the internet so successful.

I understand how vague that answer seems to be

I understand how vague that answer is and I decided to do more with StartingSites than offer website hosting and demonstrating how to design a web page without code.

StartingSites has become the perfect example of how web companies succeed.

      Stay Lean
      Improve Your Product
      Help Your Customers Succeed

Check our my web series about starting a success website. StartingSites